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Living the Questions

A Femme's Journey

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marsha, eyes
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July 25th, 2010

I love our dogs....

marsha, eyes
 Chandrea's Once In A Midnight Blue Moon

Chandrea's Once In A Midnight Blue Moon (call name "Luna")

Maximum Red Storm Ryder  Maximum Red Storm Ryder (call name "Ryder")

  Smiling Aussies....

July 5th, 2010

I've been invited by Master Black Zeus to present an online seminar on July 13, 2010, beginning at 8:00 pm Central time.  My topic will be:

This Could Be Heaven or This Could be Hell:  What It's Really Like to LIve as a Slave 

So you think you want to be a slave?  Do you think it's all about hot sex, hot scenes and good times?  Do you think you'll be naked and chained 24/7?  Or have you just always wondered what these people who live as slaves do all day?  Join slave marsha, International slave 2001, who has served for more than 13 years in a Master/slave relationship, as she talks about the good, the bad, the ugly and the glorious life of a 24/7 slave.

 The seminar will be held in an on line conference room with live audio (and the ever popular PowerPoint presentation).  You can ask questions (if you have a mic) or type them (if you don't).  You can find the conference room at www.blackzeus.net -- enter the website and then click on the link to the left that says "BZ Conference."  The password for the conference room is listed on the website.

The conference room isn't difficult to navigate, but if you like, you can drop by some time before the conference to get familiar with how it works.

I hope you'll join me on July 13th!

April 4th, 2010

My birthday was yesterday and it was truly one of the best birthdays I can remember.

There.  How's that for a positive statement!  *laughing*

It also has the virtue of truth.

My wonderful family took me to a bed./breakfast in Wimberley, Texas.  It was one of those places out in the country, where we had the house all to ourselves.  Joining Master Jim, Cougar and myself was Ms. Twisted from Austin and our two dogs, Ryder and Luna.

Ms. Twisted cooked for me.  My Owner told me to just relax.  And my Butch spoiled me rotten.

On Saturday, we went to Wimberley Market Days and shopped until we were silly.  Among the items purchased for me -- a pink straw cowboy hat (from Cougar) and a beautiful deep pink and black pashima (from Master Jim).

I got to have pizza for lunch -- a treat and incredibly good pizza.  Who know Wimberley had such great pizza?  Then more shopping at the downtown stores.  My Femme heart was gladdened beyond compare when I found some incredibly cool rings at one of the stores and a great black skirt on sale.

But then.


Goddess Fashionista, the patron goddess of Femmes, looked down upon me and smiled, granting me a great birthday gift.  How so, you ask?  Because in one of the stores I found the most gorgeous, funky, bling-y (is that a word?) bag.  A bag for the ages.  A bag that screamed "slave marsha!"

(No, I'm not going to describe it.  Someone wouldn't like it and I don't want my mood spoiled.  So there.)

It wasn't cheap.  I looked at it, sighed, put it back and left the store.  A few minutes later, I brought Cougar in to look at something else, and pointed the bag out to him.  The store owner heard me and said, "If you want it, I'll sell it to you, today only, for 50% offf."

What????  Are you kidding me???? FIFTY PERCENT OFF?????


I screamed, "Sold" -- just as another woman started over to look at it.  (If she had laid a finger on that bag, I would have taken her down.)

When I took it back to the house, the bag was given its own chair, so I could just sit and look at it.

After another great meal, we all played a game called Whonu in which you guess things about your fellow players' likes and dislikes.  And I discovered Cougar is  willing to lie and say he likes watermelon better than American cheese, which we all know simply isn't the truth.  *laughing*

And I opened MORE birthday presents, surrounded by all these people who love me.  Their cards made me cry and the presents they chose said volumes about what they think about me.

I got to watch the dogs run and play in a beautiful open field and see more stars than I've seen in months.  I laughed and relaxed and slept to the sound of crickets.

Happy birthday, slave marsha.  You are one lucky slave girl.

December 19th, 2009

Here is what happens when you share and celebrate Christmas with a gay leatherman....

1. You have two full sized trees -- one upstairs and one downstairs.

2. Each tree has its own color theme. Don't confuse them. Just don't.

3. The outside decorations coordinate with the downstairs tree color theme.

4. The family has a "wrapping theme." This year, it's red and gold. All your presents are wrapped in red and/or gold. The gay leatherman festively adorns his packages with glittery red and gold balls. (Really. I wouldn't make this stuff up.)

5. You set a spending limit for family gifts and then you blow past it. Repeatedly.

6. Because you've blown past the spending limit -- repeatedly -- you run out of room for presents under the downstairs tree. This forces you to begin putting presents under the upstairs tree.

7. The upstairs tree is Harley themed (black, silver, Harley orange). The red and gold wrapping paper on the gifts doesn't match. Trauma ensues. The gay leatherman actually considers rewrapping gifts so they will match the upstairs tree theme.

8. You let the Butch beat some sense into the gay leatherman.

9. The gay leatherman gives in, but says only the gold wrapped presents can go under the upstairs tree, as they won't clash quite as badly.

10. It is apparently a gay leatherman religious requirement that the last week before Christmas, you continue to shop every day, leading to a run on the store for more gold paper that won't clash so badly with the upstairs tree.

11. Everyone in the house makes fun of the Femme slave for wrapping EVERYTHING in gift bags. Yes, everything.

And finally....

12. In the midst all of the trauma and shopping and gift wrapping, you all know that the greatest gift of all is that you have each other -- that you're a leather family.

Happy holidays from my family... to you and yours.

October 16th, 2009

...at the end of some weeks, you've got to have a chocolate donut. 

This is one of those weeks.

I'm just sayin'.

June 21st, 2009

This journal is primarily for my personal thoughts and reflections as a Femme, with a side order of "slave stuff" thrown in when necessary, and will have very few public posts.  If you've stumbled on this journal and would like to read more about my M/s relationship, the public LJ for my writings on M/s (as well as Master Jim's) is at user name mjandsm.  


June 6th, 2009

SPLF 2010 website...

marsha, eyes
 .... is open!  There's lots more to come, and registration won't open until August 1, but stay tuned!!

April 27th, 2009

Out and About in Houston

marsha, eyes

For those in the Houston area, Cougar and I will be out and about quite a bit this coming weekend!

First, on Friday evening (May 1), Cougar will be performing as a drag king in a benefit show at the BRB. (The theme is "classic country.") Show starts at 9 pm.

Then on Saturday evening (May 2), Cougar takes the stage again as a drag king in another benefit show, this time at Chances.  (With the theme "contemporary country.") Show starts at 10 pm.

Both shows will benefit the Montrose Counseling Center and the Gulf Coast Archive of GLBT History.  Come on out with your dollars, cheer on Cougar and support some great causes!  (Oh, and keep me company!!)

And finally, on Sunday, Cougar and I will be presenting at NLA-Houston on wet cupping.


I need a nap before the weekend!

January 7th, 2009

(Please Feel Free to Cross Post as Appropriate)
You Won't Believe Your Eyes -- Former International and Regional
Masters to Be Auctioned Off to Serve at South Plains!

You think you've seen it all in the leather community…. But you haven't. Not yet – not until you place your bid at the Masters in Service Auction at South Plains Leatherfest-International Master/slave Weekend 2009!

Two former International Masters and two former Regional Masters have agreed to give it up for a good cause – raising money for the International Master/slave 2009 travel fund. Friday night at the South Plains Opening Festivities, these 4 Masters will stand on the
auction block and offer themselves up – to serve you for the night!

Grab your money and get ready, because here's what's in store and on sale!


SIR TOP (Southeast Master 2007)

Sir Top (aka boi Top) would really love to serve a very sexy feminine female but would be willing to serve either male or female for the sake of the cause. Boi Top will get your drinks, rub your shoulders, give a little head, (no no -- the head on top of your shoulders), kneel at your feet (right knee only please) and any other reasonable request. His attire will be that of leather, leather and more leather... of course.

Can you say hot? Can you bid high? Of course you can!

MASTER STEPHEN (Great Lakes Master 2005)

He's the original Renaissance Master… Physicist… Writer… Artist… Historian… Professor… Swordsman… Game Designer… and, if NASA gets off their asses... Astronaut.

But he's in YOUR service if you're the high bidder!

Services offered: Light to Medium Massage; Valet duty; Errand Running; Intellectual Conversation; Heavy Lifting, and Gratuitous Sarcasm (no
extra charge).

Master Stephen, being a highly particular kind of Master, will serve men, women, or anyone who can reasonably pass for human in a dark

Limits are negotiable under pretext of mutual respect... and the fact that he's patient and can find out where you sleep.
How can you resist that?

MASTER LARRY (International Master 2007)

Master Larry Martins -- Former North East Master 2006, former International Master 2007, former Director of MAsT Metro NY, former
Regional Director MAsT, former rock star….

In short he's a big time wuzzie with a big ego and a big mouth! Rumor has it that he's friendly but there's no real documented proof. So if
you are willing to take your chances then bid high.

Yes, he will strip if asked.


Master Larry will offer the following service to either male, female or trans, gay straight or bi:
Drink fetchin'
Light massage
And the chance to hang with an unpredictable former rock star and
title holder for a mere pittance.

Master Larry will also offer personal training….in the gym. Training can be had this weekend assuming the hotel has a gym. Training tips
can also be given via email to set up a program that best suits you.

Are YOU up for Master Larry?!

SIR STEPHEN (International Master 2005)

You know him as The Lord of the Manor, founder of a Victorian household in the 21st Century… but for one night only, he's agreed to
go "below the stairs"

Sir Stephen has graciously agreed to offer the following service...dressed in a Tuxedo, wearing white gloves, he will be happy to serve as someone's butler for the evening. He will supply a tray for fetching drinks and other refreshments...convey messages...etc. In the best butler tradition, he will serve a male or a female.

Please keep in mind that a butler is one who stands aloof, but attentive, to the side and tries to anticipate needs – thus, kneeling
would not be at all the thing to do. However, discreet bowing would be most appropriate. But of course.

Sir Stephen as your butler -- a once in a lifetime experience for the discriminating buyer or group!

The Friday night Opening Festivities will run from 8:00-11:00 pm in the Champagne Ball Rooms of the host hotel. The Masters will serve
the winning bidder or group for the duration of the Festivities. All proceeds from the auction will go to the International Master/slave 2009 travel fund. Please support your new titleholders!

South Plains would like to extend its sincere thanks to these 4 Masters who never really understood until now the real sacrifice that goes into being a part of the International Master/slave family. Thank you all for your courage, sense of humor, and most of all – your deep love for the Master/slave community!

(South Plains Leatherfest-International Master/slave Weekend will be held February 27-March 1 in Dallas, Texas. For more information,
including on line registration, visit www.southplainsleatherfest.com.)

October 7th, 2008


South Plains Leatherfest International Master/slave Weekend 10th Anniversary
Dallas, Texas
February 27- March 1, 2009

Don’t Miss Out on These Upcoming Deadlines – Early Registration, Volunteers and Vendors!!!


Early registration for South Plains Leatherfest’s 10th Anniversary is only $99 – but only until December 22, 2008! Register online now at www.southplainsleatherfest.com and enjoy the upcoming holidays knowing you’re locked in at the lowest price. 


And while you’re registering, don’t forget to make your hotel reservation on line! South Plains’ new home is the Radisson Hotel & Suites Love Field. A standard room is only $99 for up to 4 guests – or upgrade your SPLF experience by reserving one of a limited number of one bedroom suites for only $129 per night. This year, attending South Plains is a “one stop shop” – all parts of the event including the Opening Festivities, contest and play parties will be held at the hotel so you don’t need to worry about transportation during the event!

As always, South Plains is proud to offer two seminar tracks featuring some of the community’s best-known presenters on Master/slave relationships and advanced SM techniques. A few of the presenters for the M/s Track include International Master and slave 2008 Master Rick and slave tina, Master Larry and slave barb, Sir Stephen and slave catherine, slave marsha, and Master Skip and slave Rick. The Leather/SM Track features, among others, Mark Frazier, Hardy Haberman, Dossie Easton, Roger Leighton and Lolita.

South Plains continues its tradition of the Sunday Brunch, but with a twist -- there won’t be just one speaker, but five of them!  (Don’t worry – they have a time limit!) So be there and be ready to relive the best of 10 years of South Plains through the memories of Mark Frazier, Lolita, Midori, Master Larry (International Master 2007) and Master Skip Chasey. Brunch tickets are available for purchase for $20 when you register on line.

And what would a leather weekend be without play parties? You can buy your weekend dungeon pass good for both parties (Friday and Saturday nights) on line when you register for only $20. Thanks to our new host hotel, this year, South Plains will feature 5,000 square feet of dungeon space in hotel conference space with pansexual, men’s and women’s areas.

Interested in helping create the magic that is South Plains?  Get your volunteer or vending application in now, because the deadline for both is December 1, 2008. Find out how to apply at the Volunteer and Vending sections of the South Plains website.
In today’s economy, you have to choose your leather events carefully and make each one count.  In 2009, choose the one that’s brought you the best of everything leather for almost 10 years now – choose South Plains Leatherfest!



July 11th, 2008

SM in North Dakota????

marsha, eyes

A young woman (mid to late 20s) in my home community asked me if I knew of any leather/SM groups in South Dakota.  She apparently plans to move there in the near future for graduate school.

I'll admit -- I *don't* know of any groups in that state -- anyone out there know of any that might work for her?  She is heterosexual, so a pansexual group would be a best fit for her, but a women only group is also a possibility.  (Are there any leatherdykes in South Dakota???)

Please feel free to post here or send me an email at slavemarsha@gmail.com.


July 8th, 2008

Master Jim and I have sporadically posted our thoughts on Mastery/slavery at edgeliving.blogspot.com. I'm in the process of moving those posts over here to LiveJournal. Our user name is mjandsm, and the journal is named Edgeliving.

I plan (crossed fingers) to have all the old posts moved over within the next week, and then I'll start adding new posts. (more crossed fingers)

End of public service announcement.

July 2nd, 2008

Limited Permission Given

marsha, eyes

 Master Jim has given me some limited permission to post in this journal!

(Feel free to cheer or groan, as the case may be.)

You won't read much about my slavery here -- that's mostly reserved for the Edgeliving journal.  (Which may be moving to LiveJournal, but more about that later.)  Mostly, this journal will be about my journey as a Femme and day to day life.  But since I *am* a slave, without a doubt, some entries will touch on that part of my life, too.  My goal is for this journal to be a way to keep in contact with many of you who I only see from time to time.. and to let you get to know me a little better.

So, I'll try to post something more substantive (or as substantive as it's going to get here) soon...


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